cropped-caroline-harvey-logo.pngCaroline Harvey believes in poetry and performance as a powerful path for overcoming adversity, discovering vibrant health, and affecting real social change.

Passionate about telling stories of creative survival, Caroline tours internationally as spoken word poet and teacher. When not touring, she lives in Boston where she teaches academic writing, traditional poetic form, Slam Poetry Performance, Yoga for Musicians & Professional Development for Artists at Berklee College of Music. Caroline is a regular contributor to The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. She is also a licensed  somatic therapist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, vegan & an unapologetic tattoo endorser.

In November 2014 Caroline was a Keynote Speaker and Performing Artist at The World Parks Congress in Sydney, a global forum on land conservation and protection with representatives, citizens, and diplomats from 160 countries in attendance. In 2013 Caroline was awarded The Steelgrass Residency and facilitated writing & voice workshops for the remaining descendants of Ni i’hau (“The Forbidden Island” of Hawaii) on Kauai at Ke Kula Ni i-hau. Caroline was nominated for the 2013 Best Poets Award and a 2012 Pushcart Prize. And in 2011 she was commissioned by the US Embassy in Serbia to perform original work & lead workshops about free speech for the first generation of youth to grow up post-Milosevic.

Caroline draws as much from Henry Rollins as she does from Shakespeare; she is as equally identified with punk rock & a history of recovery and rebellion as she is with Buddhism, Yoga & contemporary neurobiology. The work she makes reflects this unique merging of the sacred & the scholarly with the irreverent & profane.

Find Caroline’s poetry and narrative nonfiction published in national and academic literary journals, including Gertrude Press, Radius, The Legendary, the Cantab Poetry Anthology, the National Poetry Slam Anthology “High Desert Voices,” and The Lowestoft Chronicle. She  was featured on Season Five of HBO’s Def Poetry, and there is a chapter devoted to her life and work in Camille Colatosti’s book, “To Be An Artist: Musicians, Visual Artists, Writers, and Dancers Speak.” 

As an educator, Caroline’s original curriculum inspire authentic artistry and are informed by diverse approaches to wellness and awareness; her education and training in multiple artistic disciplines, physical and psychological health sciences, and various mind/body and yoga techniques combine to form unique classroom experiences for students of all levels. To learn more, click Biography: Artistry, Wellness, & Adventures.

Caroline has shared stages and classrooms with Alicia Keys, Livingston Taylor, Melissa Ferrick, Donna De Lory, and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), and her writing is published alongside Gillian Welch, Mike Reid, and Pat Pattison, among others.  She is dedicated to healthy living, conscious evolution, and intelligent rebellion. All of Caroline’s work explores ideas of the sacred and the profane, and tracks her belief that every moment is an extraordinary opportunity for healing, beauty, and acceptance.

“But what is love, if there is no effort, no endeavor?
What is a morning prayer without some toil and tending?
And what is adoration if it is offered only to the gorgeous?
Watch how the lotus loves the filth, how the soil makes good work

of your beautiful bones. Love must not spurn the troublesome.
Praise is an action and love is not love if it does not
wrap its whole self around the fullness of a thing…”

from  “Praise for the Butchered,” written for The Opening Ceremony of the 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, AU.

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