The thing writers call their “block” is perhaps the most vibrant writing they have to share. And to enter it, we must be what writers are best at being: ruthlessly aware, methodically observant, mystical visionaries. Creatures not deterred by the dare to enter the wild, unexpected territories, to keep our eyes open, and do whatever we have to do to ensure that we live to tell about it.

When we find our selves blocked, it is usually a condition during which we are trying, with the full force of our bones, to power through any resistance and write the piece we think we want to, or should, or have to, write. When what is actually true is that just beneath the surface there is another piece of work bucking like a wild horse. So when you feel yourself blocked, when you feel yourself pushing toward what you think you “should” be writing, take a moment to breathe, to get still, to listen. What are the voices inside of you talking about? Is there an inner monologue, memory, emotional issue, injustice, person, or story that your spirit is entangled in?

You MUST write about that thing first- even if it is just a “brain dump” into your journal- before you will be able to get to the pieces on the other side. So…will you brave the deep and meet this perceived block with a generous an open heart, instead of stomping your way through it with frustration and blind force?